Why Hunting Benefits New Mexico

Now chances are, if you have been out on a hunt before, you don’t need to be convinced of why hunting is great for the environment.

However, if you are on the other side of the coin, you might not see a need for it.

Here are a few of the ways hunting benefits our great state of New Mexico:

Good for the Economy
Between hunting licenses and guided hunt resorts, all the hunting that occurs in this state helps support the economy. It is a very big business that shows no signs of benefit anytime soon.

Taking it away would be very detrimental to the state as well as having residual results in many counties throughout New Mexico.

Manages Wildlife Population
Without hunting, populations of certain animals can get out of control. This means unbalanced ecosystems, which can result in many things such as endangered species, overpopulation of some and damage to our environment.

Provides Local Meat
Instead of having to buy meat from a store that had to ship it in from another place, hunting cuts out the middle man and allows people to put meat on their table. Not only that but it is organic meat as well.

This means it wouldn’t be stuffed with any chemicals or preservatives that can harm our bodies.

Balances Human/Animal Conflicts
Referencing a previous point, if the populations of certain animals are contained that can spill over into rural areas, resulting in animals and humans to share the same areas.

This can lead to car accidents, destroyed property and potentially injury to humans.

JACO Outfitters is a licensed and experienced hunting guide service in New Mexico offering hunting trips for numerous big game animals.

We hunt on beautiful private and public hunting locations throughout the state that will make your hunt most memorable.

For more information on our hunts or to book your own hunting excursion, call us today at either 575-387-2665 or 505-379-5551!