What Can You Expect on Your First Antelope Hunt?

The American pronghorn, also known as the antelope, are unique creatures that can only be found in North America. Because these animals are unique, you often have to rely on others’ opinions to learn how to hunt them properly. If you’ve never hunted antelope before, you should know what it takes to have a successful hunt. 

Here are a few things that you can expect on your first antelope hunt:

Antelope Hunting in New Mexico

Antelope Use Their Vision as Their Defense 

Antelopes are beautiful, fast, and have incredible vision. Because they have excellent vision, they can see you approaching from miles away, and their speed will allow them to leave the scene quickly. If you plan on hunting antelope, you’ll have to plan your stalk, so you can plan an approach that will leave you out of sight. 

On the plus side, antelope aren’t typically bothered by noise, so you can use that as an advantage to get within range. Be prepared to take on some uncomfortable positions such as walking on your hands and knees to get close. 

Practice Shooting Long Distances Beforehand 

Because antelopes have excellent vision, leading them to be a little skittish, you should prepare to shoot longer distances than you are used to. You won’t always have to fire at farther distances, but being confident in your shooting ability will increase your chances of having a successful hunt. 

Regardless of what you are hunting, it’s always a great idea to practice target shooting with your rifle all year round. 

Antelope Are Active All Day 

Unlike other big game animals, antelope remain active throughout the day. Once the sun rises, it’s easier for the hunter to see their catch. Occasionally you may experience antelope bedding down for the afternoon, but we promise that they will continue to feed throughout the day. There aren’t necessarily prime hours to go antelope hunting, but your professional hunting guides can advise you on the best times to go. 

Antelope Hunting with JACO Outfitters 

At JACO Outfitters, we offer New Mexico pronghorn antelope as our signature hunt. Our antelope hunts are done from 4×4 vehicles with glassing. Occasionally there are opportunities to spot and stalk.

To better your chances of having a successful hunt, we ask our hunters to be proficient in shooting at distances of 200-400 yards. If you have any questions or are curious about learning more, give us a call today at 575-387-2665 or 505-379-5551.