Tips for Your Upcoming Elk Muzzleloader Hunt

Elk standing in field and gazing into distance

It’s hard to believe, but elk hunting season is already here. If you’re planning an elk hunting trip this fall and would like to use a muzzleloader, there are a few easy tips to follow to have your trip be a successful one.

It is suggested to practice with your muzzleloader before heading out on an elk hunt, to have a good feel for your bugle for a strong elk call, to be aggressive on your hunt and more.

When you follow each of these tips and come prepared for any situations that may arise, you will ensure this season’s elk hunt is one you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

Be comfortable with your muzzleloader

One of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful elk hunt is to practice with your muzzleloader.

Whether that be going to a shooting range or hunting with it in your neck of the woods, you should have a good feel for shooting, reloading, cleaning and more.

Make sure to invest in good bullets and choose a muzzleloader that follows the regulations of each state you wish to hunt in.

Practice your elk call

It is suggested that you buy a bugle a few months before your trip and practice making loud calls with it. The louder the call the more success you will have in getting the attention of the elk.

During mating season, male elk will make “courtship” calls and when they hear another elk, they will feel threatened and often head in the direction of the call.

While this is a successful method for spotting elk, it should be noted that they will most likely be angered by your call and be on the aggressive side.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive

Speaking of aggression, if you want to be successful during your elk muzzleloader hunt, you will have to match the animal’s aggressiveness and intensity.

Even if the elk is making their call with ferocity and you don’t want to get any closer, we suggest moving up on them to get a better shot. In many cases a hunter will be reluctant to move when they see the elk close by. This can often lead to missed shots and missed opportunities.

Make sure to slowly and steadily move closer to the elk while keeping your eyes on it and you will be sure to increase your chances of bagging it.

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