This Elk Season, Make Sure You’re In Top Shape

As a hunter, worrying about being shape before going out on a hunt is most likely one of the last things on your mind.

But the reality is it should be your first priority.

Many hunts, including ones out west, require a lot of physical exertion and if you aren’t prepared, it can really take a toll on you.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here a few tips to help you get into hunting shape.

Get Yourself Conditioned Before the Hunt!

  • Prepare For Landscape – The terrain out west is filled with mountains and hills that can be very daunting if not prepared for. So to get yourself ready for this, find hills or steep locations in your area and practice walking them.
  • Eat Better – You can’t out exercise a bad diet. Eating better will help you get in shape faster. Not sure what to eat? A diet book or local nutritionist could help your figure out what you should be consuming to get ready for your hunt.
  • Practice Your Breathing – Out west in the mountains the air is very thin and that can make it a little more difficult to catch your breath. To get yourself use to it practice breathing quickly out of your nose while keeping your mouth shut during your training. This works the lungs and will help them prepare for the air out west.

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