The History Of Hunting The Merriam’s Turkey And Turkey Grand Slam

Even though now many hunters just look at wild turkeys like the Merriam’s turkey as just big game, these animals have a long history that has brought us to how we hunt them today.

The truth is these animals were being hunted long before we even arrived in America. Native Americans used to hunt them before settlers arrived.

From there the trend continued and more recently in the 1960s there was a boom in the population of them across many states, which lead to a boom in the number of tags being purchased.

Much more recently the population of them has shrunk, which is now why there is a two bag limit for this big game.

To bag one Merriam’s turkey is great, but it is only one of the turkeys required to complete the illustrious turkey grand slam.

To complete the grand slam you have to bag four different subspecies of turkeys.

Doing this isn’t as easy as it sounds, however, as these birds are scattered across the country in a wide variety of climates and terrains.

First is the Rio Grande turkey which is found along central plains states such as Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Next is the Eastern turkey found along the east coast and northern Midwest. Then, the Osceola turkey in Florida is very hard to find.

Lastly, you have the Merriam’s which can be found in New Mexico, along the Rocky Mountains and other high altitude areas.

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