New Mexico Elk Hunt

I have been hunting with Jaco Outfitters and John Olivas since 2006. I live in Virginia and absolutely treasure my trips to the Mora Valley to hunt elk. I have drawn muzzleloader tags as well as archery tags using Jaco. The value that Jaco brings to the table is priceless. From the draw paperwork to the butcher shop, John provides a one stop shopping experience that lets the hunter focus on the hunt. Your accommodations, food, local transport, and friendly atmosphere are generously provided. Each time I hunted with Jaco , I have had at least one opportunity to harvest a prize bull elk. I have tagged out fifteen minutes into day 1 while on a muzzleloader hunt, scoring a beautiful 330” bull at over 11,000 feet of elevation, and have also struggled with bags packed on day 5 of a very intense archery hunt, to shoot a young 5×4 at 65 yards. During that archery hunt we were in elk every day. On day one of that hunt, John and I chased bugles for 7 miles before we found ourselves right in the middle of three enormous bulls. They were running and bugling and fighting and glunking. That glunking noise was new to me, and I had never seen an elk confrontation in person before, so this was a very special experience for me. As we watched this for twenty minutes or so, and I was desperately trying to sneak an arrow between the trees at one of these magnificent creatures. I am sure that I had my bow drawn for over five minutes and still was not presented with an ethical shot. The shot never happened that day, but that moment is the highlight of my hunting career. I have never been witness to such a display of dominance and hormone driven rage.

All this excitement, and it all takes place in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Spectacular mountain views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, friendly townsfolk. Very nice. I will return again in 2017.

If you are considering a New Mexico elk hunt, I highly recommend Jaco Outfitters. The local knowledge and experience that John and his guides provide will give you the best chance for success. I also recommend that you do your part so that you will give yourself the best chance of success – GET IN SHAPE. Your ability to go further, higher, and faster than your fellow hunters will pay off. Elk are super athletes. We are mere mortals. And the mountains are for real.

Enjoy your special hunt with a special outfitter. Jaco. I promise many vivid, life- long, memories.

Tom Knight
Manassas, VA

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