2017 Pronghorn Hunt with JACO Outfitters,LLC

John Olivas of Jaco Outfitters worked hard to help me harvest my first pronghorn.
Those who think it’s like shooting fish in a barrel need to know the barrel is 20 sections and as far as the eye can see. Our final stalk got us to 350 yards and we belly crawled the final 100 yards to cut the distance down to 250 yards.
At that point the antelope laid down and the wait was on. Thirty minutes later all hell broke loose as a doe came running by us at 75 years followed by our buck. I had just enough time to grab my rifle off the ground and take two shots sitting down. Twenty seconds later I had my first pronghorn.
Advice to the novice: bring leather gloves and knee pads just in case. It was a great hunt and I had fun even at 68 years young!


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