Start Planning Now for 2021 in The New Mexico Public Draw

Didn’t have luck in the New Mexico public draw in 2020? Don’t worry! JACO Outfitters can help you draw a big game hunting license.

Here’s how:

Applying for Your Hunting License With JACO Outfitters

When you apply for your hunting license with JACO Outfitters, it can significantly increase your chances of drawing an outstanding New Mexico license! How can we do this?

First, New Mexico Game & Fish allocates more non-resident licenses to hunters who apply with an outfitter (10% vs. 6%). Second, we have the strategies to help you draw a license that fits your goals.

Why Do You Need a Game Hunting License Before Applying for The Draw?

Your game hunting license is valid for small game hunts, and is required to have by the state before you purchase or apply for a big game hunting license. So, before you consider applying, make sure that you have a valid game hunting license first.

Are You Required to Purchase The Habitat Management and Access Validation with Your Game Hunting License?

According to the New Mexico state law, it requires that the HMAV must be purchased by anyone 18 or older once per year. If an HMAV does not accompany your licenses, they are considered invalid, and it will risk your chances of applying for the draw. Once your game license is selected, you’ll notice that there will be an HMAV added to your cart too.

How Does the New Mexico Draw Work?

Once you successfully apply for the draw, all applications are randomly assigned a sequence number. A computer program will then examine each application in its entirety, looking for the hunter’s first choice, second choice, then third choice. If the quota for all applicant drawing pools has been filled for all of their choices, the system will not issue a license and will move on to the next randomly selected applicant.

Because of the many applicants received each year, your order in the sequence determines your success. It’s not uncommon for an applicant to receive their second or third choice before their first.

Applying for the New Mexico Public Draw

Don’t wait decades for a comparable quality hunt tag in a state like Arizona, Colorado, or Montana. To learn more or to get started, contact JACO Outfitters or call John directly at 505-379-5551.