Planning a New Mexico Big Game (Elk, Mule Deer, or Antelope) Hunt in 2021 with JACO Outfitters

It’s a new year, which means that it’s also a new year of hunting. As we prepare for the next season of elk hunting here in New Mexico, keep in mind that some things need to be done to get ready for the fall hunting season. 

If you’re eager to plan your next hunt with us, here are some steps that need to take place by the lottery deadline of March 17th, 2021! 

What you need to know to apply for a New Mexico Big Game License 

There are two different ways that we can obtain an Elk, Mule Deer, or Antelope-hunting license in New Mexico for our clients. First, starting in mid-January, we can begin to apply in the New Mexico license draw for our clients. The deadline to apply is March 17th. Before applying, keep in mind that we can create a New Mexico Game and Fish Account for you to apply for the New Mexico Big Game draw. 

After applying, in New Mexico, 84% of the licenses will be given to in-state residents, and 6% will be given to non-residents. The last 10% are for hunters who apply with a New Mexico Outfitter. 

Not everyone will receive their hunting license in the draw at this time, but unsuccessful applicants will have a guaranteed tag with JACO Outfitters if they have chosen either an Elk or Antelope Hunt.   

How Much Does a License Cost? 

All hunters in New Mexico are required to purchase a New Mexico Game Hunting License. 

Our hunt clients must purchase the following, specific to our clients chosen big game: 

  • $65 – Game Hunting License if hunting on Federal Lands. 
  • $548 – Elk Standard license for non-residents 
  • $773 – Elk Quality and High Demand license for non-residents 
  • $283 – Antelope license for non-residents
  • $283 – Mule Deer Standard license for non-residents 
  • $368 – Mule Deer Quality and High Demand license for non-residents 

Securing Your Hunting Spot 

If you plan to hunt on private land with JACO Outfitters, we have secured private land available to hunt Elk or Antelope during specific times. Contact JACO Outfitters for those secured dates. If you’re looking to plan a successful hunt, make sure you secure your spot with JACO Outfitters. We will help ensure that you are ready to hunt by providing you with all the details you need to secure the necessary state licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, or Antelope. 

Plus, we encourage you to share your hunting goals with us to help set you up for success. 

Book Your Next Elk, Mule Deer, or Antelope Hunt with JACO Outfitters

At JACO Outfitters, we’re excited for the return of Elk, Mule Deer, or Antelope hunting in New Mexico during the 2021 Season. We’ll help you prepare for a successful hunt! 

Contact us today to book your hunt with us. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 505-379-5551