Mixing Up Your Practice Targets

All hunters, even the most experienced need practice.

Practice means you’re enhancing and honing in on the skills you already have, and to further develop them.

A typical hunting practice would involve the use of targets. Targets could be a 3D target, white on black images, or burlap or paper animal targets.

Commonly, once a hunter has perfected that target shot, they stick to what is familiar and successful.

However, how successful can you be if your only target practice is the exact same every time? Have you ever tried mixing up your targets so that you shoot more accurately?

Real-life situations while out hunting require the ability to re-focus elsewhere and to ignore distractions nearby.

So what can you do work on your hunting accuracy:

You want to build muscle memory.

A repetition of expertly executed shots is a way of clearing your visual cue and building the muscle memory so that you can adapt to what’s around you while gearing up for the shot.

You don’t want to over-think the visual component to the shot.

What happens often is that your vision degrades when you switch from an over-used target to a new one, the eyes can’t focus properly because they haven’t been trained to do so.

This has nothing to do with your shooting mechanics, but rather with your inability to ignore distractions nearby because you are not used to switching your focus frequently.

Due to this, it is a good idea to practice on various targets, which will help to train your eyes to find the spot and maintain it, regardless of where it is.

Don’t be afraid to change your target sight picture. In the long run, you’ll be better prepared to adapt to any new situation in a natural setting as well as boost your hunting confidence.

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