Looking for Your Next Trophy? Call It!

When out on the hunt, calling the animal you’re hunting can be very effective. However, if not done properly, it can go to waste, leaving you frustrated and empty handed at the end of the hunt.

Make sure that doesn’t happen, so here are some tips for effectively calling elk.

Right Place, Right Time

You can’t just call for elk anytime you are out hunting them. You have to wait until they are in eye site or the right situation to call them with a mew or chirp. A well-timed call can be a difference maker on whether you go home with a new trophy.

Don’t Overdo It

An elk doesn’t frequently call each other and you shouldn’t call too much either. If you overdo it, then the calling can work against you and even cause them to travel further away from your position.

Perfection Isn’t Necessary

Your call doesn’t have to be the best to bag an elk. They aren’t going to recognize whether it was perfect or not, so just keep things simple and just call it like you have before.

Get the Right Calling Tool

If you’re heading out on the hunt, make sure you find the right call for you. Whether it’s a bugle or any other call available, you want to have the perfect one for you and the one that will get the elk to come to you.

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