Learn Your Rifle Before A Hunt

When it comes to hunting and using firearms like a rifle, many of us think shooting an animal at 150 yards or more might be easy.

If you are proficient in smaller firearms, you might think you can just pick up a rifle and become an automatic marksman.

This, unfortunately, is not the case, especially if you are using a rifle for hunting.

In most cases, the animal you will be hunting can be anywhere from 100-150 yards away and possible moving.

If you are planning a trip where big-game hunting is involved, then in order to hit your target, some training and practice with your rifle is required.

Rifle Practice Makes Perfect

The first thing you need to do is become accustomed to your rifle of choice as it will be what you use on a hunt for the duration of your trip.

You will want to work on your technique when it comes to holding the gun.

Make sure it is position on your body so you can absorb any recoil without it hurting you.

Once you’ve gotten the shooting mechanics down, you can now start firing at a target from a static distance.

Begin with targets that are at a close range.

When you’re target accuracy is where it needs to be at that close range, repeat the process as you continually move back until you are over 100 yards away.

It’s important when you do this process to try and eliminate any issues or distractions that could inhibit a proper shot.

The goal is to make sure you are breathing softly and avoid unnecessary distractions as this could lead to poor technique and missed shots.

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