Hunt With A Registered Guide And Outfitter

The anticipation of a great hunting trip can build up expectations to almost impossible levels. However, with the right registered guide and outfitter leading you through the hunting trip, those expectations can not only be reached, be exceeded.

Even experienced hunters can greatly benefit from allowing a registered guide and outfitter to accompany them on their adventure. JACO Outfitters, LLC hunts throughout New Mexico in both public and private hunting locations. We’ve hunted various big game animals and hold permits in the Santa Fe National Forest, Carson National Forest, Gila National Forest, Apache National Forest, and the Cibola National Forest.

Novices looking to learn as much as possible in a safe environment and with trained guide will be in good hands. As the owner, I am a registered guide and outfitter, as well as a native of New Mexico. I’ve hunted with a bow and rifle for more than 23 years. Due to my close relationship with federal and state agencies, I have access to big game management schemes that can greatly assist in setting up your outing.

Prepare For A Fruitful Hunting Experience

The combination of experience, in-depth knowledge, and animal familiarly makes a registered guide and outfitter essential to a successful hunt. Using JACO Outfitters, LLC for your trip planning can take care of all the finer details easily and efficiently. From lodging accommodation to meals and from transportation to professional photos of your hunt; JACO Outfitters, LLC provides you with an encompassing service on top of a keen knowledge base.

If you’re interested specifically in types of wild game, contact us regarding:

  • Elk
  • Mule Deer
  • Antelope
  • Black Bear
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Cougar/Mountain Lion
  • Merriam’s Turkey

New Mexico’s hunt draw deadline is March 17, 2015 if you are looking to draw a quality tag through the public draw process, now is the time. Contact JACO Outfitters, LLC at 505-379-5551 or email John Olivas at

Contact us at JACO Outfitters right away about available openings for the 2015 hunt season and rest assured that your high expectations won’t falter and fall short.