Hunt Big Game Antelope In New Mexico

New Mexico Antelope Hunts are probably the best big game animal for an eastern hunter to experience on their first trip out west. Everyone wants an elk, but for someone who isn’t used to reading maps, hunting public lands, still hunting dark timber, spotting and stalking, backpacking in rugged terrain, judging tremendous distances and is new to big game, Antelope are a great first time big game hunt.

For a new western big game hunter, antelope have the advantage of being extremely visible.  They do not hide, as their eyesight is their primary defense.  Antelope feel secure in the wide open spaces where they can see danger approaching. Finding them is the easy part, determining the lay of the land and using the topography is what Antelope hunting is all about.

Nearly all of the Western and Great Plains states have some degree of antelope hunting New Mexico’s abundant public and private lands and huge antelope populations rightfully put them at the top of the list.  New Mexico offer a landowner tag system that allows opportunities to hunt Antelope year after year.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts are affordable to hunt.  At $300 for a Buck tag in New Mexico plus a $2950 fully guided fee for 3 full days of hunt that includes all lodging, meals and transportation to and from the hunting grounds. JACO Outfitters, LLC will take care of all the logistics for your hunt. All you need to do is bring in your camp band weapon and we will take care of the rest.

How do you get an antelope tag in New Mexico?  With JACO Outfitters, LLC, we provide guaranteed landowner tags which is included in the price of the hunt.  Hunters can choose 3 consecutive days between August 29-Sept 13. We have access to thousands of acres of private land that hold an abundance of antelope. Buck range from low 70’s to the high 80’s. It not uncommon to harvest a record book buck in NE New Mexico. Average sized antelope taken are in the 15”+ range.

For the complete new-bee, the relatively forgiving nature of an antelope hunt allows for you to learn from your mistakes, correct the problems and try again.  Whether it’s stalking techniques or shooting techniques that you need to refine, you’ll get another chance at them if you allow yourself enough time.

Book your hunt early and be sure and secure the best opportunity that is offered to harvest a record book antelope.

Good day and good hunting!!!