For Elk Hunting – Knowledge = Success

Anyone who hunts knows that before you go out and try to bag your trophy, you need to know everything about the animal you are hunting. All types of information, from what they eat to where they are typically found, is important to make sure your hunting trip is a success.

This especially holds true when hunting elk, because where they can be found is very specific but if you know the right location, your trophy may be in reach.

Where Are All The Elk?

One of the first places you could search for Elk while they are in their natural habitat is along ridges. These areas offer grass which elk like to feed on. They typically consist of heavy timber and are where elk feed and sleep, so look for fresh droppings.

If you find any fresh droppings, then it might be a good idea to scout out the area, to see if you can pick up their trail.

Another great place is creek bottoms as elk are drawn to these areas when the weather is warm. Creek bottoms are typically a cool place to stay. Along with that, their heavy vegetation is a great food source for the Elk, meaning they will go there continuously to feed.

Regardless of the location you find them, make sure you keep the wind at your face when you make your way into the shooting distance as you don’t want them to grasp your scent and run away.

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