Everything You’ll Want to Know Before Your First Black Bear Hunt.

Black Bear Hunting

Hunting black bears is unlike any other exotic hunts. There is a certain thrill that comes with hunting black bears that generates adrenaline in a hunter. It’s probably the fact that the black bear isn’t afraid to go down without a fight!

If you’re ready to find a hunt that will challenge your hunting skills, consider hunting for black bears.

Here is a look into everything that you need to know to help you get started on a black bear hunt of your own:

There Are Plenty of Opportunities to Hunt Black Bears

You can find black bears across North America including, Florida, the Carolinas, and even on the west coast! For those who are serious about hunting black bears, you can find several states where you can purchase or apply for a hunting license. Depending on the state, you’ll find places that most offer both spring and fall hunts.

Where do Bears Like to Roam?

Black bear hunting is great because you can find bears in many habitat types. They typically do the best in foothills, mountains, and a good portion of the parkland and prairie. Black bears are very adaptable, so they are likely to survive almost anywhere.

When is the Best Time to Hunt?

Black Bear Hunt

Black bear hunts occur throughout spring and fall. Hunting can start as early as April in some states and run through June. Black bears breed in the spring, so late May to the end of June is one of the best times to hunt.

What Can You Do with Your Hunt?

Many hunters enjoy hunting for black bears because they can be used for many different opportunities. If you’re planning on preparing your bear meat, make sure that the meat is cooked well-done to ensure that there isn’t a chance of you getting trichinosis.

Bear hides have also been used on garments and can be tanned and used as throw rugs or other accessories.

Black Bear Hunting with JACO Outfitters

At JACO Outfitters, we offer Black Bear Hunting in New Mexico. Whether you prefer to hunt using a rifle or archery equipment, we have a bear hunting package available for you! Contact us today to learn more about our New Mexico black bear hunts.