Elk Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

Listening to hunting stories is a great way to reminisce and laugh with fellow hunters; it’s also a good way to learn from example and avoid mistakes. It’s good to know what works and even better to know what doesn’t.

We’ve found the most recurring mistakes that Elk hunters are making.

Elk Grazing

Battle of the Bugle

We know how it feels to release a bugle and then hear a response, in fact, why not continue calling and hope the bull comes to you. Instead of calling until you’re blue in the face, try calling and then move, trying to get within 100-150 yards of where you think he could be.

Move in as he bugles and figure out his location. If he knows that you’re coming towards him, he can run off. If you don’t answer and get right up close, he will have no other option than to confront you.

Location, Location… Relocation?

You may have studied the map and picked the perfect location- but what if it isn’t what you thought it would be?

Just because it looks good on paper or your buddy has done well there in the past doesn’t mean it’s going to bring in the bulls. Don’t waste time in an area that isn’t going to make you successful.

If you aren’t seeing anything in a day, it’s time to move on. Sometimes you can just change elevation and sometimes you might have to move camp. Look for areas with meadows for food, creeks for water and brushy areas that they could use for shelter. Use rubs or tracks to see what direction they’re taking.

It’s All In Your Head

It is a strenuous activity, both physically and mentally. You would be surprised to know that most of the time, the reason you aren’t successful is because of yourself. Use downtime to explore new areas and elevations, don’t nap or hang out with the guys. Don’t worry about what time it is or if there is a closer bull. Always try to get yourself closer to your goal and stay focused.

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