Choosing the Right Outfitter for Your Mountain Lion Hunt

If you’re planning a mountain lion hunt this winter and are looking for an outfitter that will provide you with the hunt of a lifetime, there are several things to consider.

You will of course want to choose an outfitter with experience, but you will also need to select one with a track record of success and one that offers exceptional accommodations.

When you do your research, you will help ensure you have a successful mountain lion hunt and that you’re resting in comfort at the end of the day.

Mountain lion coming out of woods

Choose a flexible outfitter

One of the biggest tips for choosing the right outfitter is selecting one that offers flexibility. Mountain lion hunting is most successful after a fresh snow, which means that you may want to base your trip around the weather.

If that means having to change your hunting dates by a day or two, you’ll want to be sure you have an outfitter that will accommodate your needs.

At JACO Outfitters, LLC we happily offer flexibility when it comes to planning your hunt. We will provide a hunting package that works for your hunting style and we welcome all hunters no matter how young, old or mobility challenged.

Select one with a track record of success

While it is important to have the proper weather for a successful mountain lion hunt, you will also need to work with an experienced and successful outfitter.

Most successful outfitters will do spot and stalk hunts and bring along hounds on each hunt to chase these larger cats.

At JACO Outfitters, LLC we mostly provide stop and stalk hunts for New Mexico mountain lions, and our hunting hounds are extremely successful at chasing these larger cats up trees where you will have the opportunity for a close and ethical shot.

Select one with exceptional accommodations

While bagging a mountain lion is the top priority of your trip, it’s nearly as important to choose an outfitter that offers quality accommodations.

Whether that be comfortable lodging, a continental breakfast, hot meals after the hunt and more, you’ll have the energy you need for your trip.  

At JACO Outfitters, LLC we’re proud to offer exceptional lodging and accommodations, all meals throughout your stay, capping of the animal for trophy preparation, professional photos of your trophy, and of course our exceptional guided hunts.

When you’re interested in mountain lion hunting in Northern New Mexico on both public and private land, we ask that you call on us at your earliest convenience.

Our hunts take place in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and typically run from December through the end of February. 

Make sure to book as soon as possible as our success rate with mountain lion hunts has garnered a reputation with hunters throughout the country. Call us today at 505-379-5551 or 575-387-2665 to learn more.