Can You Teach Yourself How to Bowhunt?

Although it may not be the easiest form of hunting, once you master it, bowhunting can be very rewarding. To learn how to bow hunt, everyone needs to start somewhere.

Here are some tips to help you begin to learn about the bowhunting process: 

Bowhunting in New Mexico

Choosing Your Bowhunting Gear

The great part about bowhunting is that you don’t need a lot of supplies to get started. All you’ll need is a high-quality bow and a selection of arrows with tips. To improve your accuracy, you may also find a sighting system and machinal releases to help!

When choosing your bow, make it a priority to find one that fits you perfectly. Any professional archery shop will be able to help you find the best bow for you.

Focusing on the Right Stance

Once you have your equipment, it’s time to learn how to shoot your bow properly. First, you must focus on having the right stance. Your stance is important because it impacts the accuracy when you shoot.

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, facing 90-degrees to the target. The arm that you grip the bow should also be pointed to your target. After you take a couple of practice shots, it’s always best to have someone critique your stance.

Get the Right Grip

Use the web of your hand to help support the bow and grip the bow loosely. Your fingers should be relaxed and gently placed on the grip. The rearward force of your draw weight should hold the bow to your hand instead of the squeezing grip of your fingers.

Focusing on relaxing your hands and wrists are important when shooting a bow. If you don’t relax your hands, you risk the chance of “bow torque,” which is when you twist the bow as the string is released. Thus, ruining your accuracy.

The Release

Although there is less noise and push back, you should still experience a mini-surprise as you release the bow. Just as you would when shooting a rifle, anticipate your shot and flinching. Try taking a deep breath, slowly squeeze the trigger, and release the string. The most important part of your release is focusing on your target until you release your shot.

Try Bowhunting on Your Next Hunt

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