Beginners Guide to Choosing a Turkey Call

Did you know that New Mexico is known for some of the best turkey hunting? With JACO Outfitters, we hunt full-blooded Merriam Turkey in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains located in northern New Mexico. Hunting any turkey requires a variety of calls in which our guides have the expertise for a successful hunt! If you’re a beginner, don’t worry! Our hunting experts created a list of the most recommended callings. Let’s check them out!

How to Choose a Turkey Call

Box Calls

A box call resembles a small wooden box that has a handle attached to the lid. The caller will use the wood cover to strike the edge of the box and will initiate a call. For example, if you wanted to mimic a clucking sound, you would pop the paddle off the box call’s lip with short upward strokes. There are many different calls you can create using a box call, so test out different calls until you find one that works for you!

Diaphragm or Mouth Calls

To create the best sound using a diaphragm call, you’ll blow air from the roof of your mouth that will distribute across the reed and produce a sound. To purr, make a fluttering sound with your throat or tongue as you blow air across the reed! Although it may take some practice to master a diaphragm call properly, eventually, you can create realistic hen sounds at all different volumes.

Pot Calls

To use a pot call, you will strike the surface that’s connected to the hollow pot. Then, the caller will hold a striker and rub or scratch the disc to make various sounds. For example, to yelp, one would make small 1-inch circles. You can learn to make any sound by changing the pressure of your draw!

Push and Pull Calls

Just as it sounds, the push and pull calls involve pushing or pulling the striker plate while applying pressure on the paddle. If you’re a beginner, this may be the easiest call to use. You can operate the call with a single hand, or while mounted on your gun! It creates simple noises, and it’s convenient.

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