New Mexico Antelope Hunting


Rates and Dates

$4250 / 3 Full days (View All Hunt Rates & Dates Here)

What is included:

  • Guaranteed landowner tag
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
  • All meals during the hunt plus dinner prior to your hunt beginning
  • 2×1 Fully Guided Service
  • Capping of the animal for trophy preparation
  • Professional Photos of your trophy

What is Not included:

  • State Hunting License –Non-Resident $357
  • The client is responsible for transportation to and from hunt location
  • Motel accommodations following your hunt
  • Personal gear /medication / amenities
  • Choice of Weapon
  • Processing and Taxidermy Fees

JACO Outfitters, LLC will provide New Mexico pronghorn antelope as our signature hunt. We take pride in producing high quality antelope through an extensive relationship with the ranches we have leased. Our ANTELOPE hunts take place on private ranches. In the past 15 years, we have achieved a 95% success. The area yields a nice quality of bucks with chances of “Boone and Crockets” available. Currently, the track record we have on our ranches is excellent with average horn lengths of 15 ½” and B&C scores of 78+ in some of the ranches we hunt.  This is an average not everyone will get a record book B&C Antelope Buck, you will have ample opportunity for high quality. I do my best to fit every hunter with the best opportunity for what they are looking for.

Our New Mexico Antelope hunts are done from 4×4 vehicles while glassing. Some spot and stalking is done. We ask our hunters to be proficient in shooting at distances of 200-400 yards. Your guide is experienced in judging quality and distance so listen to him. If you have any experience in judging antelope, you will know that they are one of the hardest animals to judge on the hoof.

Hunting Antelope in New Mexico

JACO Outfitters offers Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Hunts. Whether you want long range shooting on a rifle pronghorn hunt or an exciting archery encounter, JACO Outfitters offers it all. All the antelope hunts are fair chase here at JACO Outfitters.  We do mostly spot and stalk hunts for New Mexico Pronghorn, but if you would prefer to sit in a ground blind that can be arranged.  We welcome all hunters; young, old, and the mobility challenged.

Antelope Hunting Private & Public Lands

Your Hunt of a lifetime could take place on either public or private land. All public land hunts are done through a draw system, which increases your odds compared to the preference point system. We offer guaranteed landowner tags for those who are unsuccessful in drawing a tag for public land hunts. We offer all inclusive fully guided antelope hunting packages or guide only hunts. Public or private land, you will experience a quality hunt.

If you are interested in a New Mexico Antelope hunt, please contact:
JACO Outfitters, LLC at 575-387-2665 or 505-379-55551


  • Arrive day before hunt begins in the afternoon ~ =2:00 PM
  • Check in to your accommodations
  • Go to the gun range with guides to check the sites of your weapon.
  • Possible drive through by the ranches we hunt if time permits
  • Dinner the day prior to the hunt beginning / Continental Breakfast each morning
  • Guides pick you up then it’s off to go hunting
  • Lunch provided each day of the hunt

Dinner following each days hunt