5 Tips For Bow Hunting Elk

It can be very disappointing when you head out to hunt big game such as Elk and come back empty-handed.

After a while, you can’t help but think that maybe it’s something in our technique that’s holding us back.

Here are 5 tips to help make your next Elk hunting trip a success:

Check Your Stance
The stance you taught yourself when you first started might not be working. Be sure to face your target at about a 45- angle, your feet about 18-24 inches apart. Once your feet are set get your toes facing the target.

This allows you to face the elk more head on and diminishes movement that might scare them away.

It’s “All In The Grip”
When you grip your bow, don’t wrap your hand around it super tight. Doing this will really hurt your accuracy. Instead, loosen up your grip and gently place your thumb upon your middle finger.

Extend your bow arm towards the elk with its strings gripped in your fingers. Then proceed to point the bow at the target and gently pull the strong back.

While doing this be sure not to dip the bow or point it in the air. Doing so will more than likely result in missing your target upon your release.

Watch Your Release
Your release can mean the difference between hitting the elk or nailing the tree next to it. You need to make sure it is smooth, meaning your fingers need to be relaxed before you let the string go. It is also easier release if you just use the tip of your fingers when holding the string.

Follow Through
Many bow hunters forget about this step and it is a very important one. After you release your arrow, hold the bow steady until it gets to the target.

If you missed, you will be able to make adjustments and work on your aim for next time.

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