4 Tips for Increasing Your Shooting Accuracy for Hunting Season

Was hunting season challenging for you last year? Well, luckily, there are ways that you can change that!

Here are a few pre-season tips to get your rifle ready just before the hunting season begins:

Practice Your Longer Shots During the Off-Season

Although it’s no longer the “off-season,” it still can’t hurt to test out your rifle before your next hunting adventure. Practice makes perfect, so if you’ve been eager to increase your effective range, head to the shooting range before your next hunt.

When you’re shooting, pay close attention to all the minor details, including your sequence, weather conditions, and the distances of each of your shots.

The more you practice shooting, the more confident you’ll feel using your rifle.

Practice Shooting from Uncomfortable Positions

Another great way to practice increasing your shooting accuracy is by switching up your positions when you’re practicing. Anticipate the types of positions that you’ll likely be shooting from when you’re out hunting. Then, take a look at the gear you have, and see what might make you more efficient. Switching up your positions and altering some of your more comfortable positions is one of the best ways to increase your shooting accuracy.

Has Your Riffle Been Cleaned?

The reliability and accuracy of your rifle all begin with its cleanliness. Believe it or not, if your rifle isn’t properly cleaned, it can mean the difference between a successful hunting season. Make sure that the barrel and receiver are all cleaned and properly lubricated. You should also check your detachable magazines and make sure that they are clean and working properly too.

Work on Personal Strength

Working on your physical health throughout the year is another excellent way to help increase your shooting accuracy. The last thing you’ll want while you’re hunting is to be out of breath and sweating as you’re trying to capture your hunt. When you’re working out, focus on strengthening your neck, shoulders, and arms so you can hold your rifle more confidently.

Before you head out for your next hunt, make sure you’re setting yourself up for a successful season by following these tips to improve your shooting accuracy. When you’re ready to plan your next elk or antelope hunt, make sure you contact JACO Outfitters.