3 Tips for a Successful Merriam’s Wild Turkey Hunt

Man holding a turkey

Spring will be upon us quicker than you think, making it the perfect time to get ready for your upcoming turkey hunt.

No matter if you are traveling alone or with a group of friends and family, there are certain tips that every avid outdoorsperson should be aware of before embarking on a turkey hunt, especially when it is for Merriam’s wild turkeys.

In this article we will explore a few tips that every hunter should be aware of before heading off into the New Mexico wilderness to bag one of these prized birds.

Stay out of sight

Woman with turkey over her shoulder in front of mountain

When you’ve found a comfortable spot to set up shop for your turkey hunt, it’s important to keep yourself well camouflaged and out of sight of your prey. Merriam’s wild turkeys are known for their exceptional peripheral vision and can spot hunters with even the slightest of movement.

To stay out of their line of sight, and in a good position for a shot, be sure to wear appropriate camouflage gear that includes a camo suit, cap, facemask and gloves.

Have your turkey call down

Once you are properly camouflaged, you’ll want to have your turkey call down to draw the wild turkey closer to where you are.  

Man holding his turkey prize

While many people find it helpful to watch instructional videos online to pick up the correct calling techniques, nothing will really work as well as trying them out yourself.

Once you think you’ve gotten your turkey call down pat, remember to only use the call sparingly, because these wild turkeys will be able to detect something amiss when you don’t make the perfect call.

Be ready to strike

Once you make your call and find a Merriam’s wild turkey within shooting distance, you will need to be ready to strike while the iron is hot.

Man with turkey in snow

Make sure to have your weapon close by so you can draw it quickly. You’ll want to have the turkey get as close as possible to your before taking your shot as they will flee with quickness if you are not on target.   

Once you feel you are close enough (usually within 40 yards), take your best shot. Hopefully you have made the strike you were hoping for, but if not, don’t worry, there will be many other opportunities for you throughout your hunt.

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